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About PianoDB  

PianoDB started as Ken's personal project to put his business on the computer. While being used everyday in his piano service business, the focus started to change and PianoDB has evolved into what it is today, a database, developed by a Piano Technician, for everyday use in a real business. A database that is very powerful, easy to use, and makes sense. The basic intent is to provide an easily used program that will allow the Piano Tuner to keep detailed information about clients, pianos and service history.

PianoDB, PianoDB95 and PianoDB97 are fully Year 2000 compatible

Well designed data entry interface, organized and logical.

Status Bar Hints explain use of all edit boxes and buttons.

PianoDB95 and PianoDB97 have Tool Hints on many buttons and labels that enable easy learning.

Powerful Queries: PianoDB has a set of extremely robust queries that facilitate getting information out of the database. If you find that on a particular day, you have an opening on the North Side, with a few clicks of the mouse and typing a few words, you can get a list of clients that live on the North Side, on Primrose Lane, that haven't had their piano serviced since 1/12/95, whose last name begins with "Sa".

Prints a detailed Appointments report. Full Client and Piano information along with the ability to take any number of past Service Notes, from the last two years or twenty.

Keep a list of Business Contacts, Piano Technicians and Suppliers

A system to maintain a list of commonly ordered supplies.



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