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PianoDB Downloads

PianoDB95 Demo AVI Movie

PianoDB95 Demo AVI (1,265KB)

A Self-running movie in AVI format.


A self-extracting file

This AVI is a self contained executable program.

You do not need any other type of movie viewing program on your computer. The actual movie and viewer are contained in the single executable program contained in this file.

Place the downloaded file into the folder of your choice, double-click it and the AVI exe will be automatically uncompressed. Then double click the PianoDB95demo EXE to view the movie, sit back and watch the bouncing mouse.:-} I hope you find this informative.

Please note that this is a 32 bit program and will only run on Windows 95. If you have Windows 3.x and are interested in PianoDB for Access 2.0, you can hopefully view this on a friend's Windows 95 computer. PianoDB and PianoDB95 share almost identical functionality. They look different, because of the different Windows operating system and different versions of MS Access, but you will get a good idea of how PianoDB works, from viewing this little movie.

PianoDB InfoHelp

PianoDB InfoHelp (359KB)


A self-extracting Windows Help File

This is a description of PianoDB, in an easy to use Windows Help File format. Below is a list of the Contents. Along with the text descriptions about PianoDB, perhaps the most useful is the List Of Forms, which has 33 of the more commonly used PianoDB forms. (Note: The screen shots are taken of PianoDB95, but both the 16bit, PianoDB, and 32bit PianodB95, are functionally identical.)

Download this file onto your computer's hard drive. Double-clicking it will extract a 481KB Help File, which will run on Windows 3.x or Windows 95.

Help File Contents
About PianoDB
Ordering PianoDB
Custom Programming
Copyright, Use, Disclaimer
Thanks and Acknowledgments
PianoDB Description
Using this InfoPack Help File
System Requirements
List Of Forms

PianoDB InfoPack

PianoDB InfoPack (158KB)


A self-extracting MS Word document with descriptions and screen shots of PianoDB and PianoDB95.

This document contains screen shots of PianoDB. PianoDB95 is functionally the same as PianoDB, the main difference being the 16 or 32 bit Windows operating system. By taking the Virtual Tours, you can see the difference in look and feel. One benefit of looking at this document is that it has many more screen shots and more text description than the Virtual Tours.

Download this file onto your computer's hard drive. Double-clicking it will extract a 3.2 MB document written in Microsoft Word For Windows. WordPad, in Windows 95, can view this file easily. If you have Word Perfect or Ami Pro, you will have to convert it into a compatible format. Hopefully, it will convert fairly accurately and you can view it.

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